Equipment: Kindle Wi-fi

I love real books – real paper, the smell of a new book and admiring the collection on my shelves. I’m one of those people who like books to be kept looking as new as possible and cringe when I find a crease down the spine.

When I first met an e-reader, it was while we were travelling. At the time I remember thinking it a weird idea to have a device entirely devoted to books, but I could see the attraction for travel purposes so that you didn’t have to carry a bookshelf around with you.

Fast-forward two years and I asked for a Kindle for Christmas to help me on my commute to and from work. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a real book and always will, but the Kindle will take some beating for transport convenience. Plus, e-books are so much easier to come by and generally cheaper!

Has having an e-reader changed the way you read? Or if you don’t have one, why not? Curious minds want to know!



Mine is a Kindle Wi-fi. I didn’t think it was worth getting the 3G version since I was unlikely to suddenly need a book while away from home. The lack of keyboard can be a little fiddly while trying to type out the name of a book in the kindle store search, but I don’t do that very often. The screen looks almost like a printed page – there’s no backlighting like on a phone or iPad which reduces eye strain, but does mean you need light to read by.



I got my Kindle a vinyl skin to protect it a little bit. The skin peels onto the outside of the Kindle like a screen protector and comes off again without leaving residue. There are a huge range of these skins available on Amazon, not just for this Kindle but for Kindle Fire and Keyboard.

I originally had the front panel on as well, but I found it distracted me while I was reading so I removed it.



My Kindle sleeps in a BUILT neoprene case with a soft furry lining, so that its protected in my handbag or laptop bag. I’m very happy with the slim design and it looks great, too!