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Review: Crystal Venom, Steve Wheeler

Crystal Venom (Goodreads) Author:  Steve Wheeler (website) Rating: What will you do when the hand that nourishes you starts choking you?  The crew of Basalt, the interstellar frigate, are major media heroes, famous beyond their wildest dreams. The various factions of the Administration, the Games Board, the Haulers and the corporate Gjomviks all want a piece of their […]

Review: Red Seas Under Red Skies, Scott Lynch

Red Seas Under Red Skies (Goodreads) Author:  Scott Lynch (website) Follow @scottlynch78 Rating: Thief and con-man extraordinaire, Locke Lamora, and the ever lethal Jean Tannen have fled their home city and the wreckage of their lives. But they can’t run forever and when they stop they decide to head for the richest, and most difficult, target on […]

Review: The Lies of Locke Lamora, Scott Lynch

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Goodreads) Author:  Scott Lynch (website) Follow @scottlynch78 Rating: The Thorn of Camorr is said to be an unbeatable swordsman, a master thief, a friend to the poor, a ghost that walks through walls. Slightly built and barely competent with a sword, Locke Lamora is, much to his annoyance, the fabled Thorn. And […]

Review: Star Wars: Scoundrels, Timothy Zahn

Title: Star Wars: Scoundrels (Goodreads) Author: Timothy Zahn (Facebook) Rating: Han Solo should be basking in his moment of glory. After all, the cocky smuggler and captain of the Millennium Falcon just played a key role in the daring raid that destroyed the Death Star and landed the first serious blow to the Empire in its war against […]

Review: The Waste Lands, Stephen King

Title: The Waste Lands (Goodreads) Author:  Stephen King Rating: ~ Blurb from Goodreads ~ Roland, the Last Gunslinger, moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares- as he crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted mirror of our very own. With him are those he has drawn […]

Review: The Drawing of the Three, Stephen King

Title: The Drawing of the Three (Goodreads) Author:  Stephen King Rating: ~ Blurb from Goodreads ~ After his confrontation with the man in black at the end of The Gunslinger, Roland awakes to find three doors on the beach of Mid-World’s Western Sea—each leading to New York City but at three different moments in time. Through these doors, […]

Review: Pearl of Pandaria, Micky Neilson

Title: World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria (Goodreads) Author: Micky Neilson and Sean Galloway Rating: Pearl of Pandaria introduces Li Li Stormstout, a precocious young student who lives atop a giant turtle called Shen-zin Su. Like the rest of the wandering island’s pandaren, Li Li comes from a line of adventurers who left their homeland long ago […]

Review: The Gunslinger, Stephen King

Title: The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower #1) (Goodreads) Author:  Stephen King Rating: ~ Blurb from Goodreads ~ In The Gunslinger King introduces his most enigmatic hero, Roland Deschain of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting, solitary figure at first, on a mysterious quest through a desolate world that eerily mirrors our own. Pursuing the man in black, […]

Review: Shift, Kim Curran

Title: Shift (Goodreads) Author:  Kim Curran (@KimeCurran) Rating: When your average, 16-year old loser, Scott Tyler, meets the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey Jones, he learns he’s not so average after all. He’s a ‘Shifter’. And that means he has the power to undo any decision he’s ever made. At first, he thinks the power to shift is […]

Review: Mister Monday, Garth Nix

This post is part of the Discover Australian Fantasy feature, running all July on The Oaken Bookcase. Please visit the Aussie Fantasy page to see the other reviews and articles and also to enter the giveaway!  Title: Mister Monday (Goodreads) Author:  Garth Nix (@garthnix) Rating: Arthur Penhaligon is not supposed to be a hero. He is, in fact, supposed to die an […]

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